Package of indicators for monitoring The National Health Care Reform Program тАЬDen soolukтАЭ for 2012-2016


List of Participants of JAR and Health Summit (November 23-27,2015, Conference-hall of the RSML)

Program of the Joint Annual Review of the National Program "Den Sooluk" for 2012-2016 November 23-27, 2015




 DAY 1 NOVEMBER 23, 2015

Suiumbaeva P.U. State Secretary - The results of the implementation of тАЬDen SoolukтАЭ in 2015 and view for future development


DAY 2 NOVEMBER 24, 2015

Atakulov Mirlan, MoH KR, PFU DFP - Review of health financing 2014-2015

Meder Ismailov Head, Department of Coordination and Reform Implementation Ministry of Health - PHC Strengthening Plan 2016-2018

Deputy minister of the MoLSD of the KR Polotova Jyldyz - The quality of life of the persons with disabilities тАУ one of the priorities of the joint actions of the social sector within the SWAp-2

L.K. Murzakarimova, Director of the Republican Medical Information Center - Implementation of e-Health Strategy

Almaz Chanachev, IT Consultant - Informatization Development Concept of the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund

 Ms. Moldoisaeva Chief Specialist on Drug Policy The Ministry of Health of the KR - The progress in the implementation of the Drug Circulation Program for 2014-2020


DAY 3 NOVEMBER 25, 2015


Aelita Ibraeva  Chief specialist of MoH KGZ - Priority area “Tuberculosis”
G. Borchubaeva, MHIF, Co-presenter: O. Zues, HFG/USAID - New methods of financing of TB hospitals working in the Single Payer System
Toktogonova A. member of TWG; Djemuratov K, head of Hospital Association of KR,  E. Abdrahmanova,  Defeat TB - Road Map Further Development of TB Care in the Kyrgyz Republic 2016-2025
Maytieva V.S. Head of Public Health division, MoH KR - The Transition plan to the state  funding for programs to fight HIV-infection and Tuberculosis

U. Chokmorova, AIDS Center Director  - Implementation of Den Sooluk National Health Care Reforms Program in the Kyrgyz Republic -HIV-Infection Component


DAY 4 NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Boobekova A.A., Head of Health Care Dpt, KR MOH - Priority Area: Maternity and Child Health Protection

Head of the Department of Health Insurance Program Implementation Azizbekova J.A. - Actions of MHI Fund aimed at the mother and child health


DAY 5 NOVEMBER 27, 2015

Rouselle Lavado, WB - SWAp 1 Evaluation  Reflections on Key Results and Lessons Learned

Ismailov M.A., Head of HRI&C, KR MOH - Results of reforming of health sector under SWAp1  and Additional Financing-2

Ismailov M.A., Head of the DCRI MoH KR - Implementation progress of M&E of the тАЬDen SoolukтАЭ program and plans for 2016


Batyraliev T.A., Minister of Health - Results of JAR: General evaluation of тАЬDen SoolukтАЭ implementationтАЩs efficiency in 2015 Vision for Future.

Ha nguyen, world Bank - On behalf of development partners - Den Sooluk 2015 тАУ 2016 and beyond